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Nationwide distributor for cedar products.

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U.S. Cedar is a nationwide distributor for cedar products. We focus on stop-over, part-trucks that allow stocking distribution yards to manage their inventories with timely shipments of quality cedar products.

We carry a full line of cedar products ranging from coastal clears and rough timbers, to inland sidings and boards. 


Located in Troy, MT, manufactures a complete line of Select-Tight-Knot (STK) sidings and trim boards, in addition to a complete array of split-post and rail fencing products.

Additional Inventory

In addition, we keep a multi-million board foot cedar inventory at a re-manufacturing and priming facility in NE Indiana, servicing the entire Midwest and East coast.

With our two leased, curtain-side trucks, and the fact that we bring most of our products in by railcar, we are able to keep our prices competitive while providing service that is second to none.

About U.S. Cedar

US Cedar was built on the combination of skill sets between Marc Irby and Lowell Thronson. Marc with his 20 plus years of cedar trading and Lowell with years of experience in accounting and finance.

This combination of skill sets has grown US Cedar into a major nationwide distributor and manufacturer of cedar products.

Specializing in part-truck distribution US Cedar is committed to serving customers nationwide. With mills in the west and distribution facilities in the midwest, either coast can be serviced in a reasonable and affordable manner.


U.S. Cedar is a Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA) Certified Cedar Distributor providing quality cedar products with uniform standards for the construction industry.